“All models are wrong, but some are useful”
George Box

“A lie-to-children is a statement that is false, but which nevertheless leads the child’s mind towards a more accurate explanation, one that the child will only be able to appreciate if it has been primed with the lie” 
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart

science of discworld
The hard science is as gripping as the fiction


This is a discalemer of a sorts.                                                   

What you find in this blog is a Johnnie Walker of the latest health and tech research, popular blogs and podcasts. It’s distilled and blended. And, sometimes, might not suit everyone’s taste.

The goal is to make it palatable to a wider audience. It was born from the attempts to explain things to kids, older parents and friends with different interests.  And thus it is not designed to be 100% factual, but rather be useful.
Like do you know that earth is not round? Yeah, in fact it’s an oblate spheroid. (and that might be a lie too). But round is good enough for most people. You see what I’m saying?

But if you find some topic interesting, and I hope that you will, dig dipper, follow the links, look for the expert opinions and opposite opinions, make your own and come back to explain where we got it wrong!

We’ll try to post as many links as needed to get you there, but don’t be afraid to google. It works.

Some links might be affiliated. Like that image above. It could earn us a few cents here and there if you follow it, but what’s more important, it allows to insert the image here in the first place. 

And lastly, If you have a medical problem – discuss it with your doctor. Don’t trust him all the way either, but don’t rely on internet for an exact prescription. Human involvement is still irreplaceable as of 2020. 

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