FaceNoMore - Get An Edge

Improve self awareness. Fix your posture. Fix back discomfort. Fix face touching.

Use the app and webcam to mark your ideal position behind a computer and let the program correct you, when you lean or slouch beyond selectable thresholds. Even if you set it up to run for just an hour a day you might see the long lasting improvements.
It doesn’t matter how good your chair is, if you sit badly in it. 
You can download the fully featured demo version right now.  If it works for you – please register/donate to support the development.  If it doesn’t – send us a message and tell what’s wrong.

Next Development Goals:

  • Yolo v4 Tool Chain conversion for faster processing times
  • Better data set collection and analysis for more precise face-hand pair detection
  • Client Server Architecture to run on the best suited server on the network
  • Multiplatform, Webservice, Scoring and gamefication
Support the Development:

Why worry about touching your face?

According to CDC, if you cannot stay isolated, keeping you hands clean and not touching your face are still the best strategies for staying healthy.

All kind of viruses and bacteria can gain a much easier access to your body though involuntary face touching. And we do it a lot on autopilot… in fact as often as 3-4 times each 10 minutes.

With enough support we plan to make it a reality –  a configurable program which runs in a background of your computer, watches over you and trains you not to do it.
This way it’s not only affects you immediately, but also teaches you a good habit, which will keep your healthy beyond office hours.

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