Modern life puts a lot of stress and pressure on us. Especially the pressure of Time.
There are too many things to do, too many supplements to take, too many research articles to read to stay ahead of the game.
What game? The game of life of course.

So in this blog and other platforms we are trying to focus on these two things:
1) Find 20% that matter most to move the needle as far from ‘normal’ as possible
2) Do it in a way you can explain it to a teenager or a senior. (which is a great test of internal understanding)

We‘re fools whether or not we dance so we might as well dance.”  Japanese Proverb

With that in mind our core believes are:
1) Approach even most serious subjects playfully
2) Hold all strong opinions loose

Who wins?  It’s not a zero sum game.
Let’s aim for the longest health span and fill it with happiness, experience and positive impact on each others! 

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