What we can do


Training custom detection model.

Provide us with data, like video materials or image collection, you hardware spec  and we will train an appropriate model for you and help integrate into your own application. Or use our house openCV based  system.

Machine learning is the electricity of 21st century. In is an enabler. And it doesn’t have to be limited to the big car manufacturers or social sites.  
If you have a modern computer with I7 like CPU or an NVIDIA video card around,  you can rip the benefits of the real time computer vision today. 

Train a YOLO v3 or v4 system or let us do it for you and you can spot “bad apples” or “golden eggs” in your workflow.

UBIQ ML is a small Boston company with 50 plus years of combined experience in software design.
We are interested in machine learning and working on bringing useful ML based tools and applications to every home and facility.