Our goal across all platforms is to improve life and health span of all people through latest research and collaboration.


Social Media:

Smart Monkey TikTok Page (Short health tips in video form)
Smart Monkey Health & Prevention Group (Latest research and discussions)
UBIQML Facebook Business Page (Research and Development arms in one place)
UBIQML & Smart Monkey Instagram (Health Pictograms)

Mission Statement Brain Dump (why, who & how)

Free Awareness & Posture Correction Program: (use your webcam to nanny you)

Stuff we personally use and recommend: (Amazon Affiliated)

Magnesium Malate Powder (Morning)
Magnesium Glycinate (Evening)
D3+K2 Combo (With meal)

Dip Stand Station (One station to rule them all)
Gymnastic Rings (Save your tendons)

Galton Board (Normal distribution in life)
Stirling Engine (Thermo-mechanical conversion)

Other resources on longevity:

Peter’s Attia Drive (Clinical view on aging)
FoundMyFitness by Rhonda Patrick (Scientific view on aging)
SENS Research Foundation (Aging Research)