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Base mineral and vitamins to avoid cold, flu and more. The days are getting shorter and colder.  And with them we run into, well, cold. And flu. And COVID. (literally, the virus protective bubbles are much more environment resistant in a cold weather) Are we doomed to repeat history year after year? Or are there […]

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Graces by Rubens

Have you ever been wondering: why do we get fat if it’s bad for our health. What’s wrong with the evolution? Why do we crave these sweet things? Why is it so unfair?! Waah!!

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“All models are wrong, but some are useful” George Box“A lie-to-children is a statement that is false, but which nevertheless leads the child’s mind towards a more accurate explanation, one that the child will only be able to appreciate if it has been primed with the lie”  Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart Hi.  This is a

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