Mission Statement Brain Dump.


1. Personal Story (why I’m here):
I have it all in my close family: 
On one side is a 104 yrs old grandma still kicking ass and diabetes, cancer and dementia on another.

So I have been always interested in what I can personally do to get more of the former and less of the later. 
Not enough to get a medical degree, but enough to follow and dig through the latest health research to understand, that in most cases it’s not the genes you’ve got,  that matter, but, how you treat them and what epigenetic environment you put them through. 

If being called a food natzy or that weirdo,  who starves himself, or surprising a partner with mouth taping doesn’t scare you too much – then, you are in the right company, my friend.  

Now, why I do it all: through the years I have found that it’s much easier to do the next research, then actually apply it to the personal life. Teaching others what I’ve learn provides both an emotional boost of creating a positive impact and, what’s as important, forcing me to practice what I preach to not feel a fraud and impostor.
Seems like the win-win combination so far. 

Affecting a million people in a positive way is the new way of been a millionaire.
But I’m ok with a 1000 or even 10. (I’d like to write 1, but, alas, I’m not a saint)

2. Life Philosophy (why we are here):


Creating best educational, longevity and quality of life improving products and content. To inspire, educate and apply 20/80 effort in all endeavors. 

2. ubiqml.com:  Hosting both arms of the company:
a. The development arm (Facenomore): Software to improve habits, self awareness, etc. Side gigs into heart scanning,  SCA prevention, longevity drug testing and early cancer detection.
b. The research arm (Smart-Monkey): 
distill the latest heart, mental, performance and longevity research into educational chunks understandable by a wide audience. 

3. S.M. Social Profiling:
People interested in self improvement and staying in charge of their own health and performance,  as far from ‘normal’ as possible. 
#quantizedself #centenarianolympics #prevention #mentalhealth #selfimprovement #longevity #science #spirituality 


1. S.M. How we do it:
By following major sources like Drive, FoundMyFitness, Quantified Body, Stem Talk etc. Cross-referencing and condensing their finds into small digestible chunks which can and should be:
a. Actionable 
b. Best bung for the buck, 20/80
c. Comprehensible by teens, seniors and anyone in-between. 

If they collect and sort the grapes of research to put them in the barrels to ferment. Then we sample  to find the best tasting batches and distill them into small glasses. 

2. S.M. Marketing Promise
a. My content is for people who believe:
– That they are or want to be in charge of their life and who don’t want to be normal.
b. I’ll focus on people who want:
– Live and enjoy an extra decade or more 
c. I promise that engaging with what I do will help you get:
– Best actionable, science supported and easy to understand ways to move the needle towards wining the #centenarianolympics 

TT special: every minute you spend engaging with our content will give you 10 minutes of your life back in a long run.

If you think it’s not a bargain, then please don’t subscribe, it’s not for you. 

3. S.M. Call to Action:
Life expectancy in USA is falling  while prediabetes  (50%),  cancer,  autoimmune and mental conditions are rising. 
You might say: it’s not about me,  I’m too young to be affected,  too old to change or don’t have enough time.
But all you need is to adjust priorities and do a half step in the right direction. Motivation comes after action. 

If you want to do better than average and don’t become a part of the negative statistics  – start today.  Your future self will be glad that you did. And so the people around you. 

Join Smart Monkey community to get an extra boost from the like minded people, who have decided to take charge of their own lives. Of course you can do it yourself, but it’s much easier with friends.